Write Now

Every time I’m angry, amused, or perplexed,  I feel compelled to write. It’s my favorite pastime and my strongest skill, but until recently, I was in denial about it. I avoided writing classes in high school and chose a science major in college, all because I couldn’t handle hearing anyone critique my work. I had neither the interest in nor the aptitude for chemistry, let alone calculus, but scraping by with C’s in those classes was less upsetting than the thought of earning an A- in composition. Besides, I told myself, there was no money to be made in a writing career. Writing was something anyone could do. So, with much gnashing of teeth, I completed my bachelor’s degree in medical science.

I went on to work jobs where I was evaluated on facts and effort rather than talent. It wasn’t exactly fulfilling, but it was a paycheck, and I became complacent. Getting paid to write, just once, was still an item on my bucket list, but I had no idea how to go about getting  started. I also wasn’t entirely confident that my writing was “good enough”. Why would someone want to pay me, when writing is something anyone can do?

My write now posts will explain how and why I finally stepped out of my comfort zone to pursue my dream. I’ve come to realize that writing really is a specialized skill. The world is full of intelligent people with great ideas who are struggling to put their thoughts into words. They are willing to pay writers for an wide variety of jobs, just as writers are willing to pay plumbers, graphic designers, and hairdressers. Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and if you think it does, you may be selling yourself short. I hope my posts will provide other aspiring writers with the information and encouragement they need to accomplish their goals.

If you are a more experienced writer, you may still enjoy write now for the fun with freelancing stories. I’ll be sharing the exciting and absurd opportunities I encounter, and I would love to read your input!