Welcome to Momories

These are the humorous and heartfelt happenings I want to be sure and remember as my baby grows. Until now, I’ve been writing them down in random places, but I hope to polish those stories and organize them soon so my daughter can look back on them when she’s older. I’ve been calling them her “momories”–sort of a precursor to memories.

While my original intention was simply to have answers to any questions she might later ask about her first few months of life, I’ve come to realize these momories aren’t just about my precious baby. They chronicle my journey into motherhood–a journey that unifies billions of women around the world who would otherwise have nothing in common. It’s a journey that has brought me closer to my own mother, and some day, many years from now, it will reinforce my daughter’s connection with me.

In the meantime, I hope some of you will enjoy my posts. Most of them will be lighthearted, and I won’t ever try to impart my “parenting wisdom” and tell you how to care for your children. After all, I’m still figuring this out myself, and if your life is anything like mine, you’re already on well-meaning-advice-overload. I will tell you about what works for me and what doesn’t, what I love most about being a mommy, and what frustrates me. If you ever feel inclined to comment, I would be thrilled to read about your experiences!

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