Pampers and Personals

Why is it so hard to find babies for my daughter to play with? Everywhere I look, there are play groups for preschoolers and even toddlers, but where can we meet the infants? For awhile, I thought infants didn’t need to interact with other children. My ladybug seemed perfectly content just hanging out with me, but then I saw a picture online of twins her age playing together. That’s when I realized my daughter is missing out! I started taking her to story time at our local library, but most of the children who attend are close to three years old. There are a few younger ones, but they are mostly tag alongs, being held by their mothers while their older brothers and sisters play.

My daughter is the youngest one who actually sits on the mat for the stories and then goes into the playhouse and pulls out the blocks. I know I’m not the only mom in my city who only has one baby. Where is everybody? I’m tempted to place this ad in our local newspaper on behalf of my daughter:

SWF, nine months old, seeks anyone age two and under who likes to play. I am getting so bored at home with mommy! If you are friendly and don’t have a runny nose, I would love to meet with you! My hobbies include crawling, pulling up, and waving. I would be happy to share my toys with you, or help you unpack your diaper bag.

In terms of mommies, I don’t know if mine is capable of interacting with other grown-ups, but bring yours along and we’ll find out!

I don’t have older siblings of my own, but I am open to meeting yours, as long as they recognize that we (babies) are people too.

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