Friday Schmiday

Happy Friday! Or if you’re in my line of work, Happy 879th Consecutive Tuesday!

The bad news is that my washing machine is broken. There is smoke rising out of it, and I’m wondering whether a washing machine can actually catch on fire? After all there are buckets of water already inside…Anyway, you know I can’t post about this on Facebook because certain people who struggle with reading comprehension would interpret it as an invitation to dinner (see my prior post about asking for help).

The good news is twofold. First of all, a broken washing machine is what’s known in my house as a ‘man problem.’ So unlike the 726 other things that need done around here, I get to leave the issue of fixing it entirely in my husband’s capable hands.

More importantly, it looks like I will be making a trip to the laundromat, an establishment which has been counted among my top five favorite destinations to visit since childhood. And that’s not sarcasm.

There is nothing to do at the laundromat but think, people-watch, and write while waiting for the next load to wash and dry. I can see why most people would hate it, but for me, it’s like a forced vacation from the supremely important (yet endlessly monotonous) work I do at home. A quiet, fresh-smelling oasis wherein I can explore my thoughts and record them without feeling the shackles of guilt tighten and pull me towards the next chore that urgently requires my attention.

Of course, I’ve never been to the laundromat with a two-year-old and an infant. I’ll probably end up seeing the place in a whole new light if they accompany me. I just need to come up with  a way to frame childcare while I go to the laundromat as a ‘man problem.’ Wish me luck with that!

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