A Farewell to Naps

A poem by the beautiful and endlessly energetic C:

Of course I’m awake,

Why wouldn’t I be?

This life still holds so much in store for me!

I’ve never seen a zebra or swam at the beach,

Built a sand castle or tasted a peach,

Climbed up a ladder or gone down a slide,

Hopped on a tricycle and taken a ride,

Colored a picture or picked a flower,

Yet you want me to nap every day for an HOUR?

I have dogs to chase and books to chew,

How can I rest when there’s so much to do?

So come on, strap me in to my sister’s toy jeep,

I have miles to go before I sleep!

One thought on “A Farewell to Naps

  1. Beautiful little lady & adorable poem! So talented at such a young age! 😉

    Mommy, I sympathize!! I hope she naps more for you during the exhausting heat of Summer!

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