2 thoughts on “The Naked Truth

  1. Well, let’s see: Yesterday, I shamefully dug around in a bin of stored clothing to stuff my now 2 1/2-year-old son into 18-month sized shorts, due to everything else either being legitimately dirty and running in the laundry, or quite clean and mocking me from a towering pile in the corner of my bedroom awaiting sorting, so….

    Yes. The answer is yes! ;}

    Terrific drawing! Is that your work? Fabulous! Keep it up!

  2. Again: that artwork is lovely! I’m jealous of your artistic skills!!

    In other news, part of my New Goals for 2017 is legitimately (pathetically) to run smaller loads of laundry & actually put them away immediately (within a day or so) , and it’s been more life-enhancing than I can fully share without sounding like a lunatic (read: like myself). I swear by it. It’s often the ONE thing per day that can leave me feeling accomplished & satisfied with a job well-done.
    Small things done consistently can really bring big results. 😉

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