Happy Helpers

“It looks like our mommy has had a rough day

Maybe we can help her, Sis, what do you say?


(illustration: children sitting together, looking at their frazzled mom)


We’ll start in the kitchen, you re-arrange spices

While I run a bath for her mobile devices

(illustration: toddler dropping phone into bathtub)


Then I’ll ride the doggie up and down the hall,

While you draw a butterfly there on the wall


When we’re placed at the table, you cry–I will too

There’s no time to eat, we’ve got too much to do!


Later on when Mom’s busy washing my hair,

You’ll be scrubbing and shining the potty chair.


If she insists upon washing you too,

I’ll turn my attention to painting things blue!


When it’s time for bed, we’ll both feel so good

About helping our mommy as much as we could


We might just catch a glimpse of a happy tear

How do you think she managed before we were here?”

One thought on “Happy Helpers

  1. I genuinely exclaimed, “OH, GOD,” upon reading the bathing phone part. :O

    Yea, you can’t beat kids for helpfulness…. 😐

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