PhotoBarn Wooden Photo Ornament Review

I first discovered Photobarn a few months ago, through one of my favorite websites, There was a promotion at the time offering customers a free 5×7 wooden photo print–buyers only had to pay shipping. I considered ordering one, but decided against it because the company’s reviews were mixed and skewed negative. I didn’t want to risk wasting $10 on shipping for a product that might be flawed, assuming it would ever even arrive at my door. Still, I couldn’t help but notice the little wooden photo ornaments advertised on their site. They seemed like both a perfect thoughtful, inexpensive solution for a hard-to-buy-for person on my Christmas list, and like something I’d like to hang on my own tree.

I kept checking back, and one evening I saw a 45% off plus free shipping promotional code for orders over $50. This would allow me to purchase two ornaments for a total of $28.60! I selected a heart-shaped ornament (out of eight available styles) and uploaded two pictures of my daughters, one for each side. I chose color over black-and-white for the photo ornament, and then I was presented with options for the hanging ribbon. There were four colors of ribbon to pick from, and also the option of simple twine. I chose the twine because I was afraid the ribbon would clash with the colors in my photos.

I set a quantity of two, entered the promotional code, and placed my order, hoping for the best. The whole process only took a few minutes. My ornaments arrived four days later, and friends, they are fantastic! The wooden hearts are 3.5″ long by 3.5″ wide, and half an inch thick. They weigh 2 oz, and the twine they hang from is 3″ long. In hindsight, they would have looked just as nice with choice of ribbon.

The wood grain can be seen through the photos, and it’s really a neat look, though striations and markings on the wood do show through the picture in some places. The photos are imperfect as a result of having been printed directly on the ornament, so they may not be suited to everyone’s taste, but I felt the contrast with the wood added an artistic, one-of-a-kind feel to my photos.

As we get closer to Christmas, PhotoBarn will likely offer even better promotional discounts on their ornaments. I was worried about shipping time, but considering how quickly my products arrived, I think it’s safe to say you have several weeks left order a unique, personal gift for someone on your shopping list.

*This post was not sponsored by PhotoBarn. It is entirely unbiased, as I have not received any discounts or incentives in exchange for my review.